Monday, January 31, 2022


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 Things have changed for the worse.

Lots of negative eyes and the DCMA's are flowing like water....

No more flyin under the radar... as your always in the spotlight now.

Enjoy now, as I may be gone tomorrow...

All depends on the million's big brother is makin on us all. 

Click's may be what is keepin me alive. 

Never meant to cause enemies, but it is the me generation.

Thank you for your support and love. 



Antonio R said...

Awww man, I enjoy your site. I hope the naysayers and dour people don't try to quash you. Hang in there buddy!

me said...

When I read your comment, I am reminded of the words of wisdom of the late great actor, Charleton Heston when a member of the media made a mention of the number of weapons that were on one of his properties.

They can pry them from my cold dead hands!

Everything I do here is public domain. I am not using software to gain material, nor am I claiming that it belongs to me. Merely adding another parking space of info that some may find useful. But the new laws that are being written and put into effect are not allowing me to fall into the info age cracks.

I recall when I started this blog, it would almost take an act of God to get a take down order. Today, well last week it was common for me to get 12 dmca notices in one day. Eventually it will be the end.

I aint goin nowhere. As always, thank you for your support.

Mango Madness said...

Are you okay?

me said...

Yes I am fine... It tis greed and the world that is changing. I will never release my constant pulse check of the boob world.

I think it's funny when I make a specific search on Google, that I receive 5 to 7 results furthest from my search. And 3 of those have book results.

So stop searching boobs and read a book lol.

TY for your concern.