Monday, July 19, 2021

"Slut Cum Dump"

 Kirie (GGG)

aka: Creampie Kirie, 

Kirie Cantaloupes, 

Dirty Dogger Kirie, 

Kirie (GGG), 

Kirie 30MM, 

Kirie Extrem 

Just your average 30K breasted beauty, part of the "German Goo Girls".

Practically invented the word dogging. Very sweet and very REAL.

Has a genuine work ethic that is connected to nature.

In the many moons her material has been around,

she is still in very high demand.

Hence the reason for posting a need for a 

SEXLESS driver.... That's right... you take her to and

from events, but no touching.


Was posted on 3/2021... so I reckin still open. 

Granted her career choice is not too main stream,

but this chick is down for anything, as there is no

word NO in her vocabulary. Nor will you hear here bitch... 

A tree sweety, If interested in job....

Click Here. 





Teddi Barrett

While looking outrageously beautiful, is ready for you to snuggle up right next to her,

and tell her your fantasies... or maybe you have an interest.....

 So run, don't walk, and see what she has been up to.



 She is  waiting for you..