Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Ultimate Ninja

I am sure I mentioned this insane violator
of personal space and privacy, but seen a
couple posts making the rounds and wanted
to make another mention in case, you've, been
under a rock or something.

This guy has "titten elbow'd"more "strange"
women that I have seen in this world. Has
had cock out and rubbing about on practically
every female body part imaginable.... plus
don't forget, doing this WITHOUT BEING
DETECTED and getting the best possible
 in frame shot you can get.

I attempted a staged event with girlfriend
on EMPTY bus, and failed miserably. I 
have been fuckin' with cameras for decades.
Just shows ability, dedication and multiple
focus points.

There most likely has been hundreds
of copy cats, but ONLY ONE (that I know of)
that performed the following unmentionable
act of perversion. The view numbers also
confirm this wild mans ventures.

Please do not get it wrong...  I understand
that these are somebody's children... and
not condoning activity. Hell I believe
every country has severe jail time in 
YEARS if convicted. But if you can 
stand back, and view with an artistic
eye, you can easily see this individuals

*Please note activity off topic, but target is!


sc0tchLvr said...

he should be a poster example to star on law and order svu. Profilers would have to conclude that he is a stalker of women who present just the right circumstances the opportunity to make his move at just the right moment and be able to film it as well. He is indeed a sexual predator of chance who is prepared to make his move once the opportunity presents itself. The only way to catch such a creep is to have someone be the bait to catch him in the act. It kinda sounds like the show needs to make an episode about such a sexual deviant. I get it, getting off on someone like that if the other person likes it, but come on, not in that way especially without the women's consent. How obtuse crude and violating.

me said...

But the other side of that is they made be paid participants. JAV have made millions of their bus/train/schoolgirl flicks. Guys site is on fire with all the traffic.... so material sells itself.


If it is staged, I applaud your artistry.