Monday, June 15, 2020

Come And Get Em'

Due to the inability to properly communicate
with mentally unstable women, and get 
decent publishable material, I am seriously
thinking about selling my modeling wardrobe.

About 15 years old and constantly updating.
Has to be close to 700 bras, size 40 and up.
About 1,100 pieces in total. Sources include
Ebay (new and used), manufactures 2nds, 
estore clearances and retail.

I dread going through and listing individually,
I would prefer to sell as a well photographed lot.

Would be great to retain, as for a while there
the "good" women were constantly banging 
on my studio door. But eventually that dried
up as well. 

please email me at

*This was NOT a smoke free house... so don't
get crazy thoughts!

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