Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Ding Ding, Round 2

Remember years back when the little
Chinese girl was given a huge set
of the best prosthesis  breasts
that I have ever seen. Landed a spot
in a what they call, a freak film. Did
a couple big VIP club events and 
looked like it paid off.

Then she went on a public rant
blaming all of YOU (yes you all)
for stealing her pictures and morphing
the crap out of them and posting 
them everywhere. Hurt her opportunities
of gaining employment under false

Fast forward.... when 1 girl worked,
why not 5! Guess they are planning
to go after that K-pop cash. But they
seem to need some more work with
their moves. Hard to tell if the original
chick is part of the group.

The following is an exact translation from Google.

"The big tits compilation is back #benefits #absolute surprise
The latest busty milk shake compilation # Definitely surprises you
Quick hands bunny enchanting dance shaking milk
how G breasts breasts beauty turned her husband green, breasts and buttocks can not resist
Z tits big tits "Big breasts and big buttocks" have amazing combat power. You can see that you can't afford to see the "punch around" before and after!
Hold can't stop! Wild busty female teacher suffocates.

I guess that G cup reference may have
been the initial test video, or scrapped
for the Godzilla monsters. I have to admit
the first time around it took some hard
looks at the pictures to detect fake. But
what really caught my eye was she was
always wearing that cheap $5 bra, 
all the time. Then a few months this 
picture surfaced.
If this is a chest plate, it is the best 
I have ever seen. You can notice a 
sheen on her breasts but not on 
neckline, shoulder, belly or leg.
When she was performing, she was
moving about, actually running. 
So was thinking that sheen may have
been caused by body heat.
I have seen videos of her DJ'n 
and those puppies were a flying. 
She also appears to be significantly 
smaller. Which really is not a big deal,
but me Santa and the Easter bunny
wished she was real. 
On another mental note, who the hell
allows their boob star attraction to 
pose next to a nasty ass old tire hanging
on the back of a Geo Tracker?!?!?!?!



Kyshari Acosta said...
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Me said...

She had a few names, pick one. Villa just tagged the pic, most likely photog/studio trying to cash in on her 7 years later. Most of her publicity stuff came off that huge club she MC'd a few nights. If you read that long ass post, I made a few mentions about looking at the material with my "Steven Austin" (6 million dollar man, wayyy old reference... yeah I'm a dinosaur) And came to conclusion that someone spent a whole bunch of change on getting those made.

One, VERY possible, now 6 of them denoting G cup, then going to a Z cup? I don't know about China, but in Japan the biggest bra they make (in limited quantities)is a 32S, which would convert to a 32L in the US. So based on the evidence provided, and my "Booboligist" university training, they are NOT real.

On another bad note I will need you to remove that URL you place in the comments (link). I am unable to edit your post and do not want to delete whole post.
Thank you for the comment.