Monday, September 16, 2019

"G's" Gone Insane!

Just sitting here minding my own business
when all of a sudden received a gmail notification.
Turned off notifications years ago. Opened mail
and my Youtube account that had 3 public bra
videos was suspended for "sexual gratification"?

Haven't made a post in over a year with it.

But a mom with K+ BARE boobs can have a child
breast feeding... then she does that pec muscle pop.
kid bounces off boob like a springboard, falls on
neck on floor, starts crying while mom laughs.

When I mean bare I mean no shirt, no bra....
But this falls under usable!?!?!?

There is more skin on youtube now, than before 
with borderline sexuality.

Oh wait.... my profile picture displays my 
wife's specialty bra... and we all know how
sexuality gratifying that is.

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