Monday, April 1, 2019

What A Proper Bimbo

Was nice yesterday so took 
a cruise to see what I could see.
Please watch the following movie...

Twice and see if you eye catches it.

One of the factors that grabbed my 
eye is that she was beautiful. 
Another occurred when she turned around.

1. The first pause on the clip shows 
bra material which tells me this is an 
Elila OR a possible later on Norvell.

Either case coolio to see a Bimbet
rocking an industrial bra at the gym.

2. I now ask to draw your attention
the 2nd pause in the clip. This is exactly 
what all the string girls do to get a bra
to fit better, and keep it out of big money
range to create.

It looks as though a streamstress cut
the bra right behind vertical boning, 
and replaced it with a shortened 4" wide
elastic strip.  This allows them to grab 
the 50's range (that have the biggest cup)
and easily modify to truly have support.

Keisha Evans lives in a castle (almost)
and demonstrated this procedure. Even 
said that she did not sew very well, 
"But got the job done."

Customs are less than hastle
than most people think.

*Now for those of you that think...
"Well golly gee willikers, I was uppin 
to fork over $150 of the wives beer
money and gets me ones of those
Chelsea Charms drag parachutes."

So you have to think.... what does
an Elila 1305 52N cost online?


You caculate another $50 to "wack
the band" and there's $60 profit. 
I have this strange feeling they do
not send you old bras. 

This way any problems 
of liability fall back on

Such As...
"I justs got me that bra, put it
on and the plastic adjuster shattered.
Done hit my prized racoon and my wife
in their eyes!"
Same reason Social Security pays
the local healthcare place $1400
a month to rent a wheel chair that 
only cost $200.

Candy even went down to Double
Divas to get some air time, get fitted
and buy another gross of bras to sell
on her site! She even mentioned it lol.

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