Monday, April 1, 2019

And what's new with the boob shakin Indo's

Duo Semangka....

Their song, which I swear
was called  Boobie Bounce.

Here is the official music video.

Now granted chesticles flying 
around is my trump card, but
I honestly like the song.

Without the girls dynamic
interaction, would be just
another song. I would go as
far as a very positive, strong
dynamic force.

They were working on wrapping
up release number two. The girls 
will be shaking less but stripped 
down to their bras. 

The girls were doing a damage
control video on someone, on an
unsecured wireless network took 
control of their Instagram account.

I have no clue who would ever use 
an unsecured hotel wireless.

One other major security 
problem is posting videos like this....

No clue how much that is, but each of those
blue 5000 notes are worth $344.00 USD.

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