Sunday, March 3, 2019


You may have noticed the pending record
notification to the right here. Now what I
applied for, that DID NOT HAVE A RECORD

"World's Largest Human Bra".

Now they in all of God's honesty, told
me the record is 39meters!!!
Which would be this.....

Now I ask you, what human
would that fit? That is an ad
campaign, has nothing to do
with an actual human being.

It seems the "G" peeps don't like to split hairs.
They are definitely different. Maxi Mounds
ran into the same bullshit with the  augmented
record. Took her almost a year to get rectified. 

The first submission I made through their channels,
they didn't even bother to read! As I knew they were
going to throw that ad in the mix. I h8 to say it, 
but you English peeps are mofos!

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