Friday, February 8, 2019


I have been working hard behind the scenes to
bring radical improvement to the current torture
device. Since the only way this was going to
get off the ground was to create a company of my own.

So with anything, remember baby steps, and what
about Bob. Don't recreate the wheel, make it roll

1st idea.
I found a way to remove poly threading completely!
Most irritation is caused by the threading that directly
contacts your skin. Lets not forget that there are peeps
allergic to poly strains. Worked great in testing and
on paper, but every door I knocked on refused to
even look at it.

2nd idea.
Smaller cup front close bras have the absolute worse
fastening features. You talk to women who own a couple
of these and they will tell you all have failed in MONTHS!
Developed a small carbon fiber closure that can exist over
current clasp, or without. And since this is still in the works,
that's all I am telling you.

Recently have seen some amazing pieces come
out of Japan. Materials 3 microns thick and feel like
manta ray skin. Front closures sport a 3/4 flat metal
clasp that has to be turned 90 degrees to open.
So much forward thinking you would
think Honda and Toyota laid off some engineers.

There is always a better idea.

There is always a better tomorrow.

Welcome to the Power Of The Bra think tank.

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