Thursday, February 7, 2019

Name Them

A good braologist would have no problem identifying
the following make and model, and possibly by number.


bingaji said...

Have no idea on any of them , zip , na na zero , are they all the same brand ? A few look like Goddess

rackmount55 said...

I can't ID them but they sure are nice! And the model has a great smile, who is she?

Antonio said...

Model is LacyBreasts
Started on the dating site PlentyOfFish as Jean from Humble,TX (near Houston).
So glad she has decided to model! Although she really looks best when
fully topless and then one can see how far those breasts actually hang!

rackmount55 said...

Thanks for the info! Looks like she has a ManyVids page. wow, just stunning boobs.

me said...

@Antonio: Thank you kind sir was having a major brain fart in trying to figure out where I picked those up from.

@Art: My bad, at least someone is awake at the wheel.

me said...

@Bing: Good eye, you indeed are correct.

1. (2) Goddess
2. (17) Elila
3. (18) Elomi? SPANKING NEW!
4. (12) Elomi
5. (4) Elomi
6. (5) 1st & Curve
7. (3) Goddess
8. (4) Elomi
9. (6) Goddess
10. (7) Goddess
11. (8) Goddess
12. (9) Goddess
13. (10) 1st & Curve
14. (11) Goddess
15. ( ) Goddess
16. (15) Goddess
17. (13) Goddess
18. (16) Goddess
19. (19) Aviana
20. (20) Elomi

There ya go, 20 bras... good for down payment on used car!

me said...

WOW forgot... I shouldn't be pointing finger, my collection is in about 1,100 pieces?