Sunday, February 10, 2019

Hey Frederick's, Pull My Finger

See that bra Penny is sporting?
Fredericks tells me it no longer available.
Now the Fredericks of Hollywood Exxtreme
is listed on their site in about 20 different 
flavors, but nice ones, solid color satin with 
lace overlays, hasn't been made in 3 years(?)

But yet Pinup files has been giving them to 
all their girls for years. Now Big Bang pops
up with one? And you think they are used?

Years back, purchased a plain orange Exxtreme. 
For a shoot. Was very well made and did its job.
I asked for a run of 20 and Fredericks said NO.

Now you do see these listed on Ebay, new without
tags, as they are restricted from selling returns.
So quite possible sat in return bin for quite some
till they lotted them off.

Kaley is a 34C, and yes it is possible that it
may came from Ebay.... but I doubt a wardrobe
manager would allow an unknown article to 
touch multi-million skin.

I find it hard to believe that someone is pushing
these out the back of a windowless van....
possibly even saying free candy on the side.

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