Thursday, February 7, 2019

Enough Already!

The following is a rant, but informative.

Beshine "Mayra" is unable to make a post without the 
following tags added, BIGGEST BOOBS in the world, 
#worldsbiggestboobs and #largestaugmentedbreasts. 

Score did a measurement in 2010 that was 59 inches. 
Granted may have grown a couple thousand cc's
since then. Now says she is at 10,000cc.

Last time I checked Maxi Mounds is still the reigning
queen of the augmented breast world. 
Since 2003 her record has been unchallenged.

A while back heard Maxi developed infection
and had have implants removed. So you would
think record is up for grabs? 
Here possibly may be the case.

Guinness has limitations on certain human "oddities"
as they call it, that may cause injury or death. 
So after the record is established, it is closed. 
No more attempts will be sanctioned.
On further investigation...

The technique of polypropylene 
breast implants (string implants) will not be 
considered for this record.

But Mayra is proclaiming record
without one stick of scientific proof.

But it says on her blog...
"Beshine, proud owner of the most extreme boob 
dimensions is not just dominating the worlds 
breast measurements for a decade now, 
she is also famous for her outstanding 
website because of the never seen before quality 
in the gigantic tits category she offers to her subscribers!"

Quite a bit of mumbo-jumbo.
Creative writing for unproven claims.
Even if she applied for the record, 
where is the denial?  Where is
anything to back up claims?

Is the same reason you'll NEVER see
a bra tag... NO 32Z bra was ever made.
Actual bra sizes are state secrets.
But we know they are regular off
the shelf 50N's with reduced bands.

I'm a nobody and own a TRUE 48Z
bra. Assisted in development to final
product. Can be found anywhere
under worlds largest human bra.

But she says the stretchy thin bra
are custom made. Nothing 
special about a pull on bra.

Any statement to make you look
larger than life. I have caught your
cam shows a couple times. 

It's like watching paint dry.

Lord forbid if you ever catch her 
around a measuring tape.

This was from 9 years ago!

I feel like Tom Cruise screaming

You don't see Chelsea Charms making
false claims do you?

And she hit 10K half a decade ago.

I do have to admit kudos to marketing ploy.
You made outlandish unproven claims
and many sites ran with it. I am sure
German TV news picked it up as well.


begben27858 said...

That 48z is very impressive is it a one of a kind or can you purchase it somewhere?

me said...

At this time it is one of a kind. After Guinness decides to get their heads out of their asses, I may be willing to disclose.