Monday, February 18, 2019

Dinar Candy


sc0tchLvr said...

Gratuitous loops of the same ten second footage obviously edited over and over again makes me yawn. Lame BS. Show us real action as I can't get THAT six minutes back!

me said...

First off I didn't edit this. Under closer look, it does appear to be butched. You have to understand something, this is about "as crazy" that they will get. These young broads are very protective of their future. (unless they know they are going to get a spot on TV) Believe me I do not make a habit out of dumpster diving for 3rd world busty babes material.

What can I say.... i'm human and flawed. Sure I may have dropped the ball on a couple posts, out of 3,000. I will make sure I speak with accounting and get a refund on your subscription.

Thank you for the comment.