Friday, February 8, 2019

5 Second What Do You See Test

  In 5 seconds of viewing this image.....

1. Who owns it?  CHELSEA CHARMS
2. Who made it? ELILA
                      3. What is the model number? 1305, SIZE 50N
4. How old is it? SPANKING NEW

When you hang 20+ pounds in each cup,
that creates stress points at the strap
adjustment anchors. The amount of
repeated force pulling on that poor
mild steal anchor, and the natural slope
of our shoulders, cause the anchor to
rotate 90 degrees. So instead of it being
left/right flat. Will almost be up/down.

It is actually a very poor design that
Goddess designed 20 odd years ago.
If it is not addressed the anchor pops open,
your strap loosens and most likely will
need to be rethreaded through the clasp.
Now you have an unharnessed boob
flopping about and the need to repair the strap.

Dependent on your activity, you could
get to play this game many times a day.
This is why women usually say F IT
and use the strap to tie a knot.
Looks like shit and is a pain, but works.

I swear, I will have a solution for this.


sc0tchLvr said...

The cup size is too small for those humungus things. That should be the start of your solution.

me said...

I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO! The one small hitch is string implants are illegal in the world now. So the likelihood of seeing 10Kcc'ers is nil.
Largest bag is what 800cc with expanders take it to 1250cc, plus with procedures now have a way of making an internal bra, hence Cole.

The TITANS have had their day in the sun. You really can't consider that a bra, more or less corral fencing. Poor Chelsea has flat spots ans dents in her 2 foot long cleavage from keeping them all penned up.

Bonnevilleboi09 said...

How could one buy a replica bra of her size?