Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Most Women Can't Do This


onlyokn42 said...

Am I missing something here? Can't hook it from the back like that?

me said...

Yup. Something like 80% are unable to hook from back, they do the front hook and twist. I remember asking my sister in law and she told me she would have dislocate her shoulder to do so and began to demonstrate.

The ones that can perform this are a small percentage, and usually petite.

onlyokn42 said...

I always thought was just easier to do it that way, not because couldn't do it.

But let me ask you this, what do you think is better, the back hook, or the front middle hook?

me said...

Hmmmm.... Bands less than 40" with plunge have those shitty single front metal hooks that fail, not a fan. You may see 2-3 front "hookers". But usually granny bras/mastectomy.

There are a couple bras that have both front and back hooks.

My interest lies in the bands 42" and up. Industrial strength (which are somewhat falling out of favor). Especially P cup varieties. These puppies sport 5-7 front/rear hook. You can never have enough hooks.

This is why I am a HUGE fan or longline bras, hook city.

I have been able to do rear 4 hooks with one shot one handed. Small feat but found impressive by some women. lol. Way harder to do any front hook one handed.

So based on the one handed unhooking method, I would have to say I am a bigger fan of back more than front.

Great question, thank you for asking.