Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Comment For Content Rans


onlyokn42 said...

Ran pic and vid posts are the best kinds! Get alittle bit of everything!

bingaji said...

How about asking everyone what photo was the best ?

OR what bra was best ?

I would say Tif in the 106 GODDESS

me said...

@onlyokn42: If you have a preference as to what you would like to see, you can post in comments or email me and I will do my best.

@Bingaji: I have asked enough questions on plenty of posts, and got nothing! Welcome to the new way things are going to be done.

Yes I too enjoy ALL of the Goddess lace bras.

onlyokn42 said...

This is my all time fav bra. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i5jlvgl7yaoutrj/clip0044.mpg?dl=0
A girl I use to date a long time along time ago only wore this type. She had a few different colors. Really enjoyed it and liked it ever since. There were a few different maker's of it and sadly from what I see now, it's no longer made. But Lucky I was able to buy one for my wife before it fully went away so I can still enjoy it now :-)

I also I have come to really enjoy The Bali line in recent years. More specifically the 3432 line. Don't know why, just really caught my eye.

But over all what I enjoy seeing is everyday, girl next door. Or maybe better call it candid or real life maybe? Models are alright but don't do to much for me. Any peaks at a bra makes me happy!

me said...

@onlyokn42: That bra is a lovely flavor of satin, Vanity Fair My Satin Fantasy Bra, and you are correct, it is no longer being made. But these were made also across the pond, where I was able to snag some. Bit different from the US, but still nice. Ebay occasionally has a bunch posted.

Now as far as Bali, I am a flower bra lover period. There is a reason a bra hangs around for 30+ years :P

Candids are cool with me. I posted a bunch through the years, and even more on that fucking POS xgerbil.

On a summers night here on the coast... you can watch 1 million plus sun tanned beauties stroll past you. For the 2 years I worked on the coasters here I ALWAYS HAD MY GEAR! Public domain rocks.

Thanks for the comment.

onlyokn42 said...

A quick little story on how I fully got into this. I remember when I was younger seeing the movie Big for the 1st time with David Moscow (played kid Josh), and Tom Hanks (played adult "big" Josh) in it. There was this one scene where adult Josh comes back to his lady friends Susan apartment and she unbutton her shirt (button down shirts are great cause space open's up between the buttons to catch a good peak of what's under it) revealing her lace bra under it. When "Josh" touch's it then push's in on the side some, that's when the slid down her arm some I was hooked ever since! I come to enjoy it almost more then what they hold.

As time went on, come to enjoy the bigger ones C,D,DD,DDD. As long as they were too huge, like anything over E really. Don't get me wrong nature boobs being covered in a big bra is nice, just when they are fake then it is less then enjoyable.

me said...

Wow I forgot about BIG, posted video you described, thanks for the suggestion.

Now my dear sir, breasts come in all sorts of sizes. On this blog you can find the mammoth queen herself, Norma Stitz. Says shes a couple Z cups, but really not even an V equivalent. All the way down to AA cups (which I was given shit for posting lol) Yes there is some fakes, but majority of them are all natural.

I do respect your cup size boundaries, but I will tell you this. There is nothing more soothing in life to crawl up next to a K or J cup beauty and rest your head upon. I know for me it has something to do with not being breast fed when my mother was packing major boobage.

If you ever have this chance, take it and watch that E boundary melt away.

Thanks for the comment, it is GREATLY appreciated.

onlyokn42 said...

Cup size boils down to nature vs implants. In my opinion natural (big or small) are the most exciting kind to fill out a nice bra. To me what ever size she was given, she makes it work the best way she can for herself. And I got to enjoy which ever way that was.

I dated a range of cup sizes back in the day, from A all the way up to E. And I enjoyed them all and the bra's they choose to carry them in. AA lot of time I got "souvenirs" for later enjoyment lol.

Thanks for posting that clip from Big. I tried to find that clip many times online but only was able to come up with just a couple pictures from it. Thought I would never see the video of it again.