Saturday, January 26, 2019

1973 Best Rape Scene

Social "norm" would tell any modern male to run for the hills.

But the other side of the coin is "DID SHE DESERVE IT"?
I say fuckin' ah right! Some woman are unable to present
themselves in a positive manner. Therefore they get what 
they deserve. The only downfall is Clint used only one hole. 
 A couple of slaps with the back on my pimp hand would have
solved those hysterics and warmed her up for action.

I have been with lots of woman who love rape games, choking,
physical abuse and animalistic hard vag/anal action. 

Never brought on by me but asked ... actually begged for. 
I am not into beating the shit out of women, but man... 
squirting a gallon  across the room, daddy issues or  
something, but gets them off good.

The 1800's were a fucked up time.

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