Friday, November 9, 2018



sc0tchLvr said...

OK so how big is too big? At what point does one realize that having something that big actually becomes something that is impractical? I mean, I like big tits, no lie, but if she tries to have dinner at a restaurant, where is she going to put those things? For me I have a rather big cock and there are times when it actually hits the rim of the toilet when I poo. Freaks me out.

me said...

Well first off the 2 girls that have string implants done, Michelle and Chelsea are very petite girls to start off. Maybe 34-36ish rib cages. I never seen Chelsea measured, but when Michelle was, she was like 56 inches. It just appears that they are massive. They over exaggerate their bra numbers to make it seem they are bigger. BOTH ARE USING A STANDARD ELILA 1305 WHICH DOES COME IN EVERY SIZE TO A N CUP. (Chelsea uses a lager band for more cup volume then has the bra altered for strength and fit)

Now take Maxi Mounds, who is the record holder of the world's largest augmented breasts. Her cage is around 40ish, but being a larger woman, the implants are/were huge. But very proportionate. Others may claim to have this record, but only one owns it. (this may change, see earlier post about Maxi)

I love boobs to death and have been blessed to be with a couple major league boobers. I can't say I am an insecure or jealous, but I do get a little annoyed at the balls of some people. Like anything else in this world they have a purpose. Put them on display in a party environment, and you will have captured EVERYONE'S eye.

I don't think I understand your below the waist comment, and I don't really want to know lol TMI!

Ummmm yeah.... thx for the comment.