Saturday, October 27, 2018

So Close I Can Taste It

6 Years and still going strong.
Only 40K more clicks and the 3M 
mark will be history. I know that
isn't a major milestone for some sites,
but for a Bra fetish blog such as this
that does no tagging, meta data, 
linking or advertising etc, a major

It shows me that there are many like
minded individuals, such as myself
that enjoy this 15 billion dollar industry.

Now granted the sexual side of our
fetish may have isolated us to the 
leper colonies. But how can you 
truly express a fetish without 
sexual activity?  Sex is the bottom
line of any fetish, or am I wrong?

 If you keep up with the blog,
you know that I am not a fan of VS.
But in actuality, what is being sold
in the above gif? As far as I am
concerned, VS stopped selling lingerie
decades ago.... and expressly sell
an idea of "what sexy is".
Defined by a manufacturer, marketed
and sold fueled by sex,
essentially a fetish. Blah!
Makes me ill on how many souls are sold
(more or less commercial slavery)
into this idealism.

Would like to hear your comments
on our fetish. And thank you for 
your support. 

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