Friday, October 12, 2018

My New Theme Song, TY Kanye

(video and music samples protected under artistic commons)


sc0tchLvr said...

The very reason why rap and today's music in general wane in sales. The talent is not there and the lyrics lack any real creativity not to to mention the musicality of the tune lacks anything of any real creativity as well. Desire by the Rockets is the bomb to listen to. IT really rocks and kicks ass. This shit called "music' can't hold a candle to it. If it wasn't for the sex, this shit wouldn't get any airplay. Sad the state of "music" that we have today.

me said...

I agree that the arts are hurting in creativeness. I believe artistic talent is genetically passed on to many offspring. But what happens is most have art jammed down their throat. Not given the chance to develop on their own. And often focus their talent towards a mundane position in industry and accept it. Or those who have talent have hopes and dreams crushed by some assbag judge in contests. Many families are unable to pay for specialized schooling that promote other than TEST.

There IS talent out there among us. I have seen it. You discuss on how creative they are and they instantly deny it, and no amount of encouragement or money could ever pull them out of the shadows.
Tis sad.

I have to admit that I posted this as a joke. As my sick side found the material funny. Unfortunately, since I DJ, I have to keep my ear to the wall on new music. Even though I don't think I would ever get a request for this, or find myself singing in the shower to it, it may have a small role to play late at night, lol.

I find myself living in the catalogs of music past. It is what people listen, know and respond to. And as as as I am concerned, my job is to get you out of your chair. Thanks for the comment.