Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mechanical Cultural Enrichment


Still think your labor intensive income 
dependent position is safe when AI 
releases in a year or so?

Remember what happened in Japan when
they created live fire soldiers. 4 robots killed 36
technicians in minutes till they were able to stop them. 
One was connecting to satellite to repair itself.

2 Google AI machines developed their own
language within minutes of powering up.
So unique and sophisticated, they are
still unable to crack it.

Robots don't get sick, need vacation's
or raises. Have no family to support
or even care about. Are able to perform
exact tasks millions of times without errors.

Kuka has a world record in a 6 axis extreme
industrial robot that mimics the human wrist,
almost as fast as a human.

But what the hell, this is a Bra Fetish blog!

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