Thursday, October 25, 2018

Geek Rant

Took a peak at the browsers used to access the site
and seen a whopping 42% of traffic is using Chrome.

And how much did you pay for Chrome?

Google has well over $600 million invested.

So honestly, what is free in this world? 

When you click a link and see about 
a gazillion status links at bottom left
before you get to destination, advertisers pay
Google to directly extract information from you.
I consider it rape.

There are well over 300K of Chrome specific exploits.
And yes many of these are tied into viral activity.

Yes Firefox has issues with "lesser"
machines, but an ounce of medicine
is worth a pound of cure.

That is all, please move along,
nothing more to see here.


Antonio said...

I'll never give up my Firefox. First and best to have so many Add-ons/Extensions.

Google is turning into the "Evil" company they originally vowed they would never be!

me said...

@Antonia Yes, seems as though the "Do no harm" policy has flew out the window. Firefox made a critical error in the past years in not disclosing build information to the thousands of developers who created add-ons. This caused some very bad blood, and stopped future development of anything.

The only competition Google has is the US Government. The Gov owns all the fiber hub switches. (THEY PAID FOR THEM SO OF COURSE THEY ARE ALL LINKED INTO THE SYSTEM) For $35 dollars ANYONE can request your Google searches and browsing habits since the beginning of time! Google has 3 items of information on every living soul that ever touched a keyboard.

Now that mini shuttle spent 2 years installing low orbit cameras for Google.... guess what that's all about!!!!

Just keep on using Chrome suckers, oops I mean great blog followers.