Tuesday, September 18, 2018

When Neural Circuits Misfire (update)

Had to edit, two flicks were combined into one. 
I believe they are the same person, as I don't
think there could be more than one that are this
extreme. But you never know....
First girl had a big rock on her finger. 
Wondering which spouse determined 
that conventional sex was worthless.
In the factory, the dildo they made was
at least 2 times the girth and length 
than what the 3 guys were 

Both videos are about 1.5 hours, 
but you got all the key points here.

 Adding another  clip for demonstration
purposes that show this is not just
limited to females. I did find a short clip
of "Dave" being used and bordered
extreme S&M, or what I call
anal rape as the cunt was laughing.
This of course is the other side
of the coin for above clip.
How someone gets this far
is beyond my comprehension.

*SMFH. How anyone male or female
finds this enjoyable is just crazy.

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Antonio said...

Oh wow. I hope there was a lot of anesthesia for these ladies!