Thursday, September 6, 2018


If you can recall this beauty, single handedly put 
Humiliationpov on the map with never seen before
content that kept their subscription's soaring.  
Must have made thousands of clips in the years 
she was active. I have some of her very early 
modeling material. Had to be 16-17. 
Hung in there with site till college was done. 
Fell off of the net (husband & kid?)
living the good life somewhere on East Coast. 
Definitely had an evil mentality so dark, 
her ball crushing and biting had me 
grimacing with the poor sap that was taking it! 
And she was laughing. Not a fake 
laugh either, was thoroughly enjoying it. 
I would probably still be incarcerated 
if she attempted that shit on me. 
But eh, to each their own.

As far as I am concerned, she owned femdom.
If she ever decided to dive back in, I am sure
the years of maturity have potentially opened
up more darkness to explore. And with the legacy
she left behind, could demand any dollar amount
she wanted. A natural talent the net has lost for
some time now. But I and the lurking millions
remember you with your evil smile and cackle.

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