Monday, September 17, 2018


2AM revision...
"56-24-38 ... Nuf said!"

34-36 bra back and her N cups look marvelous in those Elila 1305's.
And of course, please throw her some love...


cocky said...

Thanks for the Teddi posting.
Teddi can fill a bra in a way not many can.
She is super sexy and a stunning lady.
Anymore content of hers (especially in bras) would be
much appreciated.
Thanks again for Teddi.

me said...

Plus she is as real as it gets! I must have bumped my head or something as she just posted a whole shitload of bra pics. Updating post now. If my memory serves me well, I believe the hometown in TN has a holiday for her. I just wish I had a chance to see her stage show.
Thanks for the comment.