Monday, September 17, 2018

Svetlana MIA

Noticed a few weeks ago checked site, all the girls
were posed with the owner EXCEPT Svetlana.
Youtube post well over a month ago, Instagram,
3 days, but that could be weeks old.

They don't call them models, consultant's are what they are called.
I don't know if that is just the translator, but would make perfect
sense business wise, no strings.

My Russian is only as good as Google's translation.

There's so many scenarios...

1. Vladimir Putin stopped by on his horse, no shirt, swept her up
and filed away like the many fine gems of the world.

2. Aliens have been all over the place. Do I dare say abduction?

3. Encountered Nadine's henchmen for not signing contract
for topless shoot. You know how these Germans get for
NOT signing the papers!

4. Barefoot on Daddy's yacht for a 2 month vacation their
insanely well to do family does every year.

5. Family member ill.

6. Svetlana ill. (if so get well soon)

7. Better gig.

8. Hit the lottery and retired?

9. World tour for product endorsement.

10. Broke a nail?

 We miss you!

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