Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Jwoww 3.0

I have been recently throwing my 2 cents in on the posts lately,
This one will especially not be missed...

I understand the vanity thing, It was what
put them on TV. Jenni always stood out.
What we never seen in the shows is this
laminated Doctor warning/disclosure
that she carries on her stating she is
crazy. Not liable for actions?!?!?!?!
(way to go Jenni!)

The latest pictures...

Jenni NEVER hid the fact that she had work done.
Was worried about boob sag after the second kid.
Some unwanted facial features were sculptured.
So what I could find on the net, stated had B cup,
went to F cup. Made her feel better and was a great
business move as the promotion folks are a knockin'

Add in countless hours at the gym and the WOW is back.

I think everyone knows how I feel about the poorly
made Chinese "Adds 2 Cup Sizes" VS Bombshell.
With almost 2 inches of padding at bottom of cup,
Jenni really doesn't need it. If she thinks it works,
who am I to say differently. But being at the end of
their size range, it is really not practical. There are
a few models of Freya and Panache that would be 
a better fit, finish and the number one reason...
SUPPORT! You already have the projection.
Just letting you know there are 
options you should explore.

You have matured into one hell of a woman!
Keep on doing what you do and I am sure you
and your family will be more than happy in the 
future. Please loose that cincher as well.

With so many items on her plate,
it boggles me on how she finds the time.
She must have a clone :P

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