Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Last comment posted on 8/3
It is now 9/5
If my calculations are correct that is 33 days.
One positive note is daily hits have increased to a tad bit over 2K.
That's more than 70K have visited and viewed posts.
Granted my unique original content have fallen off.
But to gather the data and put it one spot and make it available for 
everyone in the world via's Google unlimited backbone, without ads,
click throughs,remote deposited files
 (except Youtube, remember now unable to post videos over 100mb)
Makes this site unique and special (or am I stupid).

Is it wrong with all the time and effort I dedicate to our fetish, to not
receive feedback? (except for a select few)
I don't advertise. Most of meta data is scrapped and I hate tagging.
So what that tells me is there is a regular following
(I refuse to log into analitics, if still around)
The data I can see is very limited. But I can see your
looking for more than 10 seconds.

There is available software to change this theme
into time based payment system.

I do have a dedicated site ready, which $ would make the content unique. 
But transfers and registrations would be my concern,
and the nightmares were vivid.

So I ask again, is it wrong with all the time and effort I
dedicate to our fetish, to receive some comments?


sc0tchLvr said...

I say it is not wrong to receive comments but to expect them in the way that you are anticipating it to be might be a bit unrealistic. While I understand the want to have the adulation come in and to feel appreciated for what you do, I think you underestimate just how much people really do appreciate it, despite the apparent lack of comments left. I think a better gauge of it would be that uptick in viewers that you mentioned. After all if no one cared about what you posted, then you wouldn't have that many so often now would you? I think that in of itself speaks volumes and it should really be your passion for what you do that drives you, not so much the response you may or may not get in comments. Keep up the work; people here are watching and like it. Comments or not.

me said...

Visual sexual imagery requires sight and thought. With that the imagery has to be very specific (for some) to cause a reaction. Through the years several have been very specific in their requests. And for those requests, allows me to collect data that would be interesting for their niche.

Maybe I am looking for marketing suggestions? Never expected anything except back seat driver suggestions to make sure I arrive at the correct destinations. It's not about he bus driver, but where the passengers would like to get off at.