Friday, August 24, 2018

Guaranteed Method Of Increasing Breast Size

I do recall listening to an interview with Candy Samples 
saying she was flat as a board till 19. 
Started a healthy sperm regiment, and sprang out 
to an F cup over night. She didn't just say it promoted
growth, as it made her breasts softer and less prone
to aging problems. Some time later heard 
that she kept several "dispensers" around her palace 
to take care of her many times a day.

And the funny thing is that she wasn't the only one doing it!
Was a thing with many Hollywood Stars as well.
One of the best kept secrets in Hollywood!

Medically speaking this has been debunked. 
But a few did mention the source of vitamin E
and certain chemical elements of the seminal
fluid was far superior than any medical lab 
could generate. The amount of desired hepful
elements were so low, you have to have 10-20
shots a day to make any notable difference.

I know I am up for that challenge!
I researched on the net to find this specific
information, but was not to be found.
You my want to share this information with
your SO/wife/GF. No harm in at least trying.

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