Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ксения Атаева The Blonde Russian Big Boobie Girl Makes Appearance At World Cup.

The 17 min video an be found HERE!

Last month Russia was hosting a world cup game
 in which Ксения Атаева was out and 
about speading her good cheer.
 Made a 17 min video and took hundreds of pictures with fans
. Russia has their own version of FB called VK
is where she posted the video and pictures for a fee.
 Thats right, her outting wasn't to support her country or football team,
 it was to optimize her pocket... which I can't say that I blame her.

She further went on saying that when she took a selfie
 with fans and asked them for a donation the fans
 acted like she insulted them. If she thought about
 this a little bit more through, she wouldn't have to rattle her tin cup
. Looked great to me!  Put on a few pounds (which I love). 
Had the twins displayed and jiggling like they should. 
For someone that released what 4 video's 5 years 
ago was receiving a lot of recognition! 

With that kind of power you don't have to ask. 
Make a notable web presence and the buckets of money will come to you.

I do not see a donate button or anything, maybe you have to register?
 If you guys want to throw her something for all this awesomeness
 (and I am being serious)
please help her out. Give me a day to figure
 out how I am going to compress 17 mins of HD into 100mb.


Anonymous said...

still very pretty

me said...

And I agree 1000%! For the life of me I can't understand why she hasn't stepped for the countries largest breasts. Get that title and it' like you hit the lottery.