Thursday, July 5, 2018

How It All Started

As I have proclaimed before that 
if your  MOM was packing, 
and were bottle fed,
your a boob guy...

Well here is my proof.
My MOM in her late 30's?

I recall one time was on couch watching TV
as an impressionable young preteen.
MOM runs down the stairs with a small towel
rapped around her waist with a 
white Bali Flower bra on. 
Her pencil thin arms trying
to cover her 32DD's.

She notices me eyeing up that bra,
taking it all in, every detail, every wiggle
and bounce. My eyes and brain
acting like a 1000 frame per 
second camera and SSD.
Then I am abruptly brought
down to Earth with a screeching,

"What the hell are you looking at!"

I would have liked to reply,
"YOU! Running past your 
horny ass son in just a bra!"

She had no clue that I and 
my brothers were used
by the Catholic High School
neighbor baby sitter for years.
Looked forward to it actually :P
So Cardinal Knowledge was
in the house.

She would smirk at us, saying
that familiar greeting,
Then after parents left, grabbing
us one at a time and rushing us into 
the bathroom to expand our
horizons. Used and pushed out
of bathroom, she would go for
another brother. I snickered
cause I was always first.

But I was raised in the era of children
seen not heard, so I said nothing.
(Must have been 4-5 seconds)
I diverted my eyes back to the TV as
she opened the cellar door to get her 
clothes out of dryer.

Almost 30 years later I can recall
the whole episode in 
full vivid slo-mo color!

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