Friday, June 1, 2018

Bounce Revisted

Now remember this franchise originally started as a PC/Platform game. 
In 1996, the ERSB was set at MATURE, 17+.
That right there is what made this game what it is today.
If the original designers did not over accentuate certain body parts
to draw the attention and imagination of that demographic, 
would it have done as well as it did? 

That is an extremely hard question to answer,
but I say, it didn't hurt. Back in the day the actual models
depicted on the screen needed your Jedi mind tricks to bend the pixels to
match the models depicted on box. (which stated not actual game)

There was other super hero's around, but they were not
sitting in your living room/bedroom waiting for you to hit the power button.
With the gain in popularity, someone had to go and make some
sort of wire frame reference to discover that
Lara's proportions were unrealistic.

I believe they came to the conclusion of Lara
being 6 foot and change tall with wonderful F cup breasts.
Waist somewhere in the area of a number 2 pencil
that even made Barbie cry. 

To the above clips. Yes I am biased, I love boobs and bounce even more. 
But I ask thee, the apple pie eating, Chevrolet driving viewers.......

In your honest opinion, which of the above clips
have more entertainment value for you?

Other than the slower-slo-mo (original slo-mo was how it was in movie)

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