Monday, May 7, 2018


Look guys I don't do this for any type of gain whatsoever.
And neither is this blog all about me.
When someone goes out of their way to send me original material 
(not talking about branded stuff that I have received "bad boy"mail on)
I treat it like gold. Altered per her instructions and made a
few color changes. Posted 3 days ago and only asked one thing in return.

To comment on the post.

She didn't have to send those pics. I didn't have to spend thirty
mins correcting. But do you know why I did it?


And it had to be shared with the partial world.
You know for a fact you see uniqueness here practically everyday.
Yes, I have been complaining about the lack of interaction.
I dedicate a lot of time into this.
Plus on several occasions I posed questions for your thoughts.
I can somewhat understand the net stuff,
but original content and not even one comment,
breaks my heart. I encourage you to treat me like the red
headed step child, but what about the human on the other side of the screen. 
Who took time to give us those pictures?

How do you think that makes her feel?
No one should feel bad on positive energy.
But yet, here it is.

I made a foot note on that post in small print proclaiming if no one commented, I was going to post shitty thumbnails and post the full resolutions through a thousand ad driven click throughs.
I removed it right after I posted because I believed you guys would at least
give her the common courtesy and respect she damn well deserves.
PLEASE do not push me to throw up a pay site,
then I wouldn't care if you said anything.

I would like to believe this is a community effort. But without feedback,
we are all just bumbling through in the dark.
I had a greater picture of community, 
other than what it makes me feel like, a dictator.

I feel as though I have let everyone down including myself.
Tomorrow is another day,
I will be here,
but will you?

"Malfunction. Need input."

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