Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Nancy Quill Spoof


Antonio said...

Haha, great footage of her. I wonder if she knows how many thousands of admiring male fans she has. Fave part - the "Nancy Boobs" dub at about 14 seconds in. :)

me said...

@Antonio:I am sure she has her name set as a keyword, so anytime her name is published, she will know where and how many seen it. I tried to use her own phonetics, spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME... sounded like crap, so used Trish's pronunciation.

On a side note, that woman must receive tons of scoffs and grief for being in an ultra professional feminist region that average a B cup.

Strong gutsy woman! I would even venture out to say that she is probably the number one radio personality in the country... in faceless media!!

Nancy Quill you rock! Thanks for commenting.