Monday, April 23, 2018

Largest Natural Boobs In The UK

OK Here we go. Bust out your thinking caps, abacus, calculators and slide rules as this makes no sense to me. This is Claire Smedley, you know, the woman who MUST have sex 5 times a day and almost smothered her SO to death by suffocating him during sleep with her 40LL's. She waves that Largest in UK flag, but I am unable to find any documentation online to verify. I remember when they did Rachel Aldana, was a big deal back then. I guess with all the steroids and BGH in food sources, they can hang that title daily, so turns into filler material "if they have space" in the papers?

Now some other site proclaims that she is a 40MMM. Can someone for the love of God explain what the hell a MMM cup? The pic with red hair and red outfit is latest. The pic with red hair and ruffly type dress is older. I did a couple transparency overlays and saw no differences. Boobpedia has her as a 40K. Her OWN website big letters indicates 40LL. Model Mayhem, her text reads 40L. For her own disclosed data she is 5'3", 10 pounds, NO bust or waist measurement given. But for a cup indicates GGG!?!?!?! Boobpedia states: "Fitted by Bravissimo for a properly fitting bra. Although she thought that her bra size was 42M she was confirmed as 40K, meaning that her breasts are smaller than was previously thought. She has since however gained 100lbs in weight - in April 2013 her breasts are now claimed to be size 40MMM (although that is a size that does not exist in UK), and are stated to weigh 35lbs each." -BUSTED!-

OK an L cup would be 12 inches over cage, right. Now the UK sizing system gets all wacked over a D cup. It is severely all over the place as it seems each makers set their own standards. Like they know something better lol. I do feel sorry for the UK folks as their sizing changes like 4 cup sizes for one inch difference from maker to maker. Weird, outdated and crazy for a 3 billion dollar industry that cant get a uniform system across ALL THE MAKERS.

So I am relying on what I know. The only reason we see any multiple letters is an indication of a half size. Even our system includes a little voodoo to decipher as NOT a standard. We see this a lot in the D to E sizes. Most popular and high demand denote they stay in existence. But once you break that J, you RARELY see letter multiples.

This is where my cookies get really burnt. I will have to make outside references to drive the point. First off WE ALL LOVE NORMA! Her official measurements are 72-50-60. Boobpedia has her at a 102" bust and 43" cage. That is a 29" difference. Now a Z cup would be 26". Since we are out of alphabet, does an inch mean another letter designation? Possibly, but there is NO definitive rule on this. Wouldn't it be easier to have a designation of 102Z+3? Makes sense to me! Believe me when you go that high, 3 inches aint crap. Your still using a backhoe to load yourself into the cups.

So it all comes down to bigger is better. As a ZZZ sounds immensely larger than a plain Z right? But there's only a 3 inch difference. Another example is Beshine. 32" cage but is only a 68"ish bust. All the boobers do this to bill themselves larger than life.

Hey you in the back! Wake the hell up! I'm trying my best to teach you a very important ABUSED aspect of our fetish.

So now back to Claire Smedley, er wait, Madison Blush. Woman cant even get her name straight let alone her bra size. This is the exact reason I never leave home without a cloth tape measure in the car. 80% wear the wrong size as you have companies like VS telling women they are all 38DDD, as that is their largest size! SMFH! And they cant keep the product on the shelves as they have sold everyone on a dream.

I have never proclaimed I was the brightest bulb, but damn, all these brainiacs and NO ONE can come up with a system that actually works? FOTL had that thousand size unlimited, what they called a true system. That lasted 3 years? lol. The finger of guilt and shame falls back on the makers. As everything is bottom line. That's why when you fit someone now a day, they have that expression of "WHAT SIZE!!" as makers are cutting corners to save money. You end up with a product that is SMALLER than previous years.

So in closing, what is Madison Blush's measurements?

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sc0tchLvr said...

I'm no expert in bra sizing or bra making but from what I have heard in the past (and I'm sure you have heard the same)is that the cup size is the difference in inches between the measurement below the bust-line and the measurement around the whole circumference including the breast's (I would assume you would be holding them up while someone else actually does the measuring). Now mind you that might work well with most who are of smaller figure to average in weight but what I think happens is that this equation becomes a bit more complex when you are dealing with fuller figured gals and some who are downright obese. The proportions are all off and the whole system gets jacked up. Maybe some of these designers need a course in geometry, calculus, and start using computer simulations to find these sorts of things out. Otherwise saying one gal is a MMM vs a LLL is just a meaningless thing to say. Clearly it needs to have a better system of standards within the measurements said or else it all means blah blah blah, bragging rights here and there with no real point of reference.