Wednesday, April 25, 2018


I know I have been very opinionated in my last
few posts. But most were in search of the truth.
I am not saying we are being lied to, but not 
disclosing is just as bad.

Now we all have seen the glamour models who 
boast outrageous bra sizes. Now in knowing
the flip size of the manufactures actual sizes,
it makes my little hamster running in that 
circular cage brain of mine spin.

On several occasions I have inquired about
disclosure of the bra size used in certain shoots.
I don't know why I never received a response.
Maybe thinking it may take away from the 
model's reputation in some manner?!?!?!

We won't think less of the model. We know that
there is no size bra made that the model claims.
We further understand that under sizing makes
breasts more luscious and displayable.
(some think differently, just a generalization)

Rachel Aldana has always been my kryptonite.
Her humbleness and attitude are just as sexy.
But finally caught a bra tag. I have been waiting 
on this for a while. I am not trying to make a big
deal or some magical revelation, but to just 
inform us on what they use. Not the answer to
cancer, but for some comes close.

Was originally a JJ, then an L, now a 30KK.
At least she states the CORRECT sizes.
But never disclosed bra sizes. Has on several 
times on her cam chats, had mention what 
she was currently wearing, and about not being able 
to find a proper bra, which is understandable
and that is WHY YOU ROCK!

The shoot with the Fredericks Of Hollywood
bra, the tag discloses a 38DDD/F. Which is cool,
as now we know. We don't think less, 

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