Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Definitive Itskaitiecali Collection

Incomplete. 90% came off the net from varying sources. 
The music vids were all me. Thanks, enjoy.


bingaji said...

Yet another very nice post thank you.
(no need to print the remark below )
Number one on my bucket list would have to be Rachel Raxxx , 18 years old with a 30 JJ natural real boobs. I would do anything to see her wearing a bullet bra like the one Milena wore the 38 Kcup, it was a Lady Cameo 707, I know this because I was the one who sent the bra to her . But now I want to find out how we could contact her and ask her to do a photo shoot or even a video wearing that type of bra . I have a bra hear that would work but how do I get it to her ??

me said...

@bingaji: Would be the first place that I started inquiring.