Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ardyss Angel

Like everything about this bra. 
Granted the models help a lot, 
but still a very well engineered product.
Really like the wide side panels, 
the cup shape and the 5 hooks.
On an unrelated side note, makes one hell 
of an emergency tow rope for 
when you mire your bronco
in a 2 foot mud puddle. 
(when you forget to lock front diff in)
Girlfriend coughed it right off
her back laughing, but it worked!
I would like to see any VS product do that!


me said...

Another selling point, if you like these style boobie traps. And you hear resistance like granny bra, out dated etc. This bra is better than a AAA auto club membership. -SOLD-

bingaji said...

I reckon that this bra is by far the best ever invented, I like everything about it !
This is the bra I would love to see Rachel Raxxx wearing , PLEASE can someone somehow make this happen? Is it a matter of money ? I would pay to see this happen.

Thanks for your time