Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Jaw Drop, But Funny

I was ummmm doing research, yeah that's the ticket,
and came across this. Unbelievable this is from
Youtube 2009 and is still active?!?!?!?!

I was one of the original posters on youtube.
I pushed the limit on what their TOS stated.
Yup 12 accounts later, still on! lol 
How does this not violate their TOS?
Youtube sure as hell didn't like me 
pulling a Tyler Durden Fight Club 
single frame cock shots.
At least didn't do it on kids vids! 

I know some of you butt pirates
know of her. those like me who don't
I will save you the search.
This is against every fiber of holliness
in my corrupted brain, but curiosity
WILL kill the cat. And I don't want to
hear shit from your wife/so/gf that
I made you gay. lol


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