Saturday, March 3, 2018

"Is There Anybody Out There?"

The room is dark. You can hear mumbling about in a standing crowd. You hear the click of an old mechanical switch, a small backstage light illuminates the back wall slightly.

A dark figure emerges. Walks to and stands in front of a single well worn microphone on a crooked stand.

The dark figure reaches up slowly and turns mic switch on.

[slight mic squeal is heard]

Reaches into his left breast pocket of a dark suit, removes a cigar from a leather holster.
Lights cigar with a very shiny torch. Inhales, exhales into mic.

"The management of this joint wanted me to ask if you are enjoying the entertainment."

Takes another draw on his cigar. You can see his eyes scanning the room.

"They further wanted me to inform you even though we do not go into spin-wave or latest nano technology, we do provide a very basic visual stimulation. Which of course are the fundamental building blocks of human sexuality." [slight cough] "To those who appreciate and recognize a very defining factor of the female art form."

The room is motionless and quiet.

"All of this is brought to you without cost, ads, scripts, redirects or any other bullshit you find scattered all over the net like dog shit."

"One would figure, with over 3 thousand visits a day, many repeaters, may have a word or two to say. In the last few months you have seen very unique imagery and video that could revive a corpse, or in some cases, induce arrhythmias. And all this goes with the territory of evoking a reaction."

Figure walks off stage for a second and emerges with a small glass in his hand. On closer inspection there is a caramel colored liquid with a few ice cubes. The man takes a sip.

"We have been stock piling material for when we hit the 3 million view mark. Please do not make it seem we do not appreciate your viewership, because we do!"

"Like it or not everyone of you that click that shortcut, or type that URL into your browser, you are going to leave with something. It may not be a luxurious prize, but as far as we are concerned, you would have seen something that you may or may not even known caught your eye. That it may take a couple times of viewing for it to finally sink in."

You hear ice cubes rattle as the man swirls the glass. Taking another sip.

"And that my friends is the purpose, or should I say mission statement of our organization."


"I once again have been assured the comment sections DO work. Thanks for coming out to see us. You can now go see Mila Kunis at the bar and receive a complimentary sample of Jim Beam. Have a great evening."

The man slowly walks offstage. You hear the crowd talking among themselves. you repeatedly hear "Mila's here?"


Antonio said...

I can explain the lack of comments:
These women and bras are so beautiful, we get absorbed by our lizard brains. We resonate in primal grunting for a moment, until life's duties call us away. And unfortunately our lizard brains never take a moment toggle to our frontal cortex to allow it to type THANK YOU.

me said...

@Antonio: Yes I can understand the animalistic urges. But sometimes we feel like a $2 whore that is kicked out of the car after the last drop goes down our throat. lol You can go to the "Secret Married Corporate Executives Who Love Anal From Non-Passing Shemales" blog and see hundreds of responses on a single post. I do understand certain individuals have to lurk from the shadows and that's understandable. Those that do not want to make a public comment usually email me, which is cool. I wish I could turn no registration comments back on, but assbags ruined that forever. But thanks for the comment!