Sunday, March 11, 2018

Enough Is Enough!

First off girls are cool with me.
I don't want to make it seem other wise.
I love curves, we all do. When Tomb Raider was originally
scheduled for the big screen, they wanted to
keep the correct proportions of the game model.
Originally recall close to 36F.
Then 36DD came about as a more realistic breast size.

Enter Angelina Jolie. A true 36C who said they padded her bra to a 36D.
Excellent actress and except for those triple 
somersaults that were performed in the game,
I believe she portrayed Lara Croft perfectly.

Now a decade plus since the Angelina Jolie days, feminism being
expressed from every soap box, curvy models
running about major cities in their underwear,
leaves us with this...

So I guess staying true to the original game model has flown out the window.
Maybe I am just another old dude that LOVES CURVES. 
Boobs were a selling point of the game and movie(s).

Lord forbid your larger than a D cup, labeled brainless bimbo.
Larger than a size 9 makes you plus size and fat shamed.
Being a main character in a movie over a B cup makes you unemployed.

A couple years back MythBusters did a show
about larger breasts gets more tips.
Was confirmed, but what was unexpected that women tipped more!

So will smaller breasts put more women in the theater seats?

I believe this Average Breast Cup Size is still current.

Fact there is more curves than sticks.
Enter stage right our Rebel hero and Tomb Raider.

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