Friday, March 23, 2018


So after 30+ years Triumph decided to retire yet 
another workhorse that helped build the brand. 


Antonio said...

So, Triumph bras got rid of their Doreen Fleur design. Hopefully they can replace it with something bigger & better.

When I first saw the word BANISHED I got scared that you were closing this webpage. Glad you're sticking around! I'll be wanting to look at busty women and their big bras 'til the day I die!!!

me said...

@Antonio: Na brother I'm good (for now) As far as a replacement, Triumph is privately owned still in this day... NO outside or board influence. Everything as you know has increased in pricing.

The Fluer was basically a Doreen with different cup material. I believe the size went up to a 48H. There has been a dark light shone on the "granny bras". Even though cup sizes are still increasing (yeah buddy)I think they introduced the Doreen colors too late. And the Fluer has been the same since they introduced it.

In the past, if you were busty, you WILL have a Triumph product in your arsenal. Regardless of the plain jane look and off the hook coverage that you have a turtle neck to conceal it. As the Doreen does support larger mams. The only problem with that is cost. It's like building a huge bridge when a rope line will do. Supply and demand game.

The younger generation dislike granny bras. Even though they may require it, sadly they will be looking at a prettier product. Change can be a death sentence in support. Look at Goddess (who is owned by Wacoal)discontinuing the 110. That move killed a major chunk of their market strong hold.

I seen that Venus may have purchased the rights to the 110 and are making it in South America. But anyway you look at it, it will never recover.

So put a fork in it, "I think it's done." and only time will tell. I hear you on the death do us part. Boobs are magically delicious.