Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Dear viewers,
If you recall about this exact time last year I was having issues searching.
If I searched for apples, all I saw was oranges. I shit you not! I think Google was testing
some type of software that would resolve the "police yourself or else" on the DCMA. I was unable to verify anything, but today ....
I saw this beautiful picture. Link said pinterest. Clicked link took me to
Noted translator button was gone up top. Did a couple other things and no translation. Copied the item description, translated it in Google and was gibberish. Went back to search and clicked link again. Took me to pinterest.with several different models modeling with same carpet, wallpaper etc. But this picture was no where to be found. [insert eerie organ music and gasping people]

All of this to bring you one picture. Now is that love or what. Will keep you posted.

That is all, end of line.

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