Sunday, March 4, 2018

30J "Giggity"

I dunno guys, this video caused a severe imbalance of MY force.
I seen Blaze has some new stuff out, but I was afraid that if
I went near it, it would have been a one way trip. "Giggity"


sc0tchLvr said...

I had no idea that Russians could be so voluptuous :-) By the way where's the sound? Oh, well, can't understand Russian anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter.

me said...

@sc0tchlvr: Oh yeah, Ruskies have been cranking out boob models for as long as I can remember. I made a post a while back that if you had the countries largest breasts, was like hitting the lottery. I was a late bloomer on the net. The first significant "average face in the crowd" was Yulia Nova. Think that was 2000. Which opened up the flood gates for soft porn/modeling.
Ines Cudna, which is Polish, but close enough. Has done a couple blowie movies but was soft, then turned bra model.
80% of video on siliconefree is Russian...
Those were just the memorable ones from back in the day. There are 100's that I am unable to recall (just wait till you get older)I'll give you a list to search for. most are Russian, others Polish. You may want to write a note to loved ones as you may not come back. Google and youtube the following and Godspeed!!

Busty Russian Girl
IDEAL FORMS lingerie
BRAZERIE lingerie (where Demmy Blaze came from. lingerie

there is one other significant other that I can not recall, but is in this blog. Thick blonde modeling with all kinds of spillage. Was comical first time I saw it then it grew on me

me said...

Sound was just muffled russian, plus when you slow video, sound is not desirable. If you like, I could start adding soundtracks? lol

me said...

Anything for you viewers, and I do mean ANYTHING!