Friday, December 1, 2017

I Have To Chime in About This VS BS Show

Can someone please explain this crap I just watched because I sure as hell do not get it.
They focus on the accessories, which they do not even sell more than the actual product they do sell.
When your largest bra cup you sell is a DD, you sure as hell leave a lot of people at your competitors.
The girls looked like a bunch of sticks, NOT ONE CURVE TO BE FOUND!
Unrealistic and so far away from the real world. Just see for yourself. Look at the girls above, then go knock on 20 of your neighbors doors and see how many fit the "angel" mold.

The couple bombshells I purchased last year had about 2 bucks worth of materials and were assembled very poorly. their stitching is all over the place, plus have very bad longevity.
I occasionally check their site, but nothing impresses me.

I just don't get the fascination with them. Cheaply made, poor quality and over priced assures I don't need them. But I guess a billion dollar ad campaign ensures their future.

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