Sunday, September 3, 2017

Monster 48Z VS Victoria's Secret 32B Bombshell

The Bombshell about 3.5 inches protrusion.

The Aviana 48Z about 18 inches protrusion.

Side to side face off. Hefty vs wimpy. 
42 inches EACH cup circumference!
As you can see, the massive ball used is not even filling the cup all the way.
The VS smaller width than just one cup.
The tags.
Ummm yeah, that'll fit.
The hook-up.
At over 2 inches wide, industrial straps are mandatory for a Z cup.
10 inch gore.
18 inch wide cup.
I know its like comparing a peach to a watermelon.
The ball used is actually bigger than a regulation basketball.
The cup size is actually about 1.5 basketballs per cup!
This is in contention for the World's Largest Human Bra. 
Total bust size is 162 inches. That's about 40 more inches than Norma!