Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Latest Pic Of Jersey's K+ Cup

Noticed she was involved with the boobcruize 
earlier this month, hanging out with her pal Lexxxi.
When she exploded onto the net last year, 
I inquired about doing a professional portfolio for her for free. 
She told me and thousands of others that she was only 18, 
and no way daddy would allow it.
I guess a whole pile of cash and a training program to help her 
shed some excess weight are working and daddy approved.
Hope to see you soon, good luck with the BBC's.

1 comment:

Antonio said...

Wait, I'm confused. The last Boob Cruise was in the year 2000.

And I don't think Kaitlyn ever met Lexxi Luxxe - they only exchanged e-mails like one time in 2015 and no modeling gig came of it.

Do you have newer info? Thanks.