Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Annie Keenan Topless Before Reduction? **UPDATED 6/02**

I really don't know. 
I did a transparency overlay and the key fixed features of the face are correct.
Is it possible to have a few hues darker eyes and a little wider face?
The boobs definitely look correct.

-E D I T- 
Everyone IS entitled to their opinion, but lets go over some facts.
At the time she exploded on the net she was in high school. -Fact
Annie and her sister were practically identical twins, shared
many features of hair, face, body. In certain situations, it is 
hard to tell the difference, EXCEPT for the wayward strings of
geno that developed 2 beautiful K Cup+ 
abnormalities, or in my case,PURE PERFECTION! -Fact.

What are odds that a strict family such as Annie's and a public 
school system would allow stuffing? -Hearsay. I can't prove it, right.
"Your honor please strike my last comment from the record."

Ok the "observed". On several pics Annie's bra strap is visible. 
There is ONLY one bra maker who has those loopy patterns on 
either side, and that, my fine friends of the jury, is the 
Panache Suberbra Tango. As that
is the only bra that specializes in K Cup madness down to 
what a 28-32 inch cage? Panache is European and NOT cheap. 

So lets say both parents worked to support the family. By the look of
their residence, they didn't live like kings. Now lets agree that Annie
was NOT a head case. Seemed like a normal teenager dealing with a blessing the best she could. No indications that she required to be the center of attention
with 2 soccer balls hanging off her chest. 

She was very modest, often having up to 3 layers of clothing. 

But there is always that possibility of your claim, so lets move on. 
Now lets say you work your ass off to support the family. 
I am sure they cut finical corners to get by. 
Are you willing to fork over $50+ per bra 
so your daughter can stuff and feel good about herself? 
 Of course not. You provide out of necessity, food, clothing and shelter.

NO head of household would deal with those shenanigans. 
Now granted I don't have psychological profiles, character 
witnesses or an opposing "logical"hypothesis. 
For that, I would like to enter the above mentioned as -FACT.
Also considering that this is my jaunt, that's the way cookie crumbles.

The Panache was capable, but there was noticeable spillage as Annie was a bit bigger than a K Cup. For young milky developing white fun bags this would be painful to sport that underwire all the time. And for this reason alone I would like to enter another piece of evidence to the puzzle. Annie quite 
often wore multiple bras. Most likely a sports bra with a wire free bra. 
This was not to accentuate her already out there bust, but for comfort. -FACT.

The only problem I see with this whole equation is her brothers friend, who made all of this possible for us, didn't get enough alcohol down her neck hole to shed the clothes. And that my friend is what causes speculation.
If she would of had those pups out IN GOOD LIGHT, in a fun filled kind of way, we would NOT be having this one sided, shit house lawyer arbitration.

Now back to her school. Annie didn't ride on the window licker, 
helmet wearing, short tart cart buss. 
You didn't see medical devices wheeling down the hallways of the school. 
So, for fucks sake, can we say that it was a normal school?

Schools have very strict dress codes, so you don't have half your 
students running about with 30 pounds of stuffing glued to their chest. 
That is not my opinion, that is -FACT.

Now someone was monitoring that titsintops 
forum when all the naysayers
immediately dismissed as stuffing. 
That's when this piss poor Motorola snapped the following pic in a mirror. 

Even with the shitty resolution and scan lines, this clearly shows
2 extremely ripe watermelons on toothpicks. Now granted, PS-CS4 was out 
and that did have the ability to liquify. Or in layman terms over 
accentuate the obvious. I know when this first popped up I ripped it digitally apart. Thanks to the shitty resolution, file size was small enough to NOTICE

So what you are seeing is the absolute truth of a cute, very fit, slim girl who desperately needed a tongue lashing from me for at least 2 years. 
(with NO bathroom breaks) Yeah I gotz it like that.
I would like to enter this as evidence, exhibit 2Kcups.

Now regardless of what is EVER published, there will be some wacked out 
atheist who refuses to accept what he sees. Just the nature of the beast. And for that outlook in life and Religion, Satan will assure he has a good spot
near the skin peeling fires of hell for eternity. 

Now the net hype is flying about like mad. God knows how many exobytes of data and gallons of semen this poor girl induced. I secured the most complete collection of pictures of Annie on the net and stored permanently here for your enjoyment. I do know when I posted it was the number one net hit for THIS blog. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 20K requests a month?

At this time I am sure she was approached by many to do a layout. Being underage was still a no-no, but would have killed this stuffing shit dead in its tracks. I am sure this public notoriety was eating Annie up inside. As there was a time that no new material was coming. If models do not get the emotional support they crave for, especially at an early age, will KILL their spirit!
(Shame on you clowns) made the delicate turtle duck back in her shell.

I don't know if one of the parental units seen material or what. But someone put the brakes on. Scoffed and accused of faking it. Then redemption!

So there you have them in all their glory. Seeing is believing. If you still think other, I don't know what to tell you.....maybe I should go to a breast reduction clinic, get a good ten pounds of removed, discarded breast tissue and beat the shit of you with it. It's cool though, your thoroughly entitled to believe what you want.
With that your honor, the defense rests.

The really sad part is that she is scared. They relocate your nipple, which reduces sensitivity. Plus the boat anchor scars NEVER go away. I cried for a couple friends who underwent this barbaric procedure. I did have the Peggy Horn reduction, like 20 pounds of flesh PER BREAST was removed.  Made a trip to play that video on my laptop for them, which in turn made them sick, so yeah see what happens when you slap God in the face?

The only other problem is that breast tissue still can develop 
way into your late 20's, so most likely, Annie may be back. 
She what waited till 20 to get the reduction.

I hope she reads this.... Annie you were and still are a very unique and special. You touched more people in ways you could never imagine. Your bubbly personality and smile brought joy to people, granted the boobs were the initial pull, but you were so much more. You were incredibly sexy and that is easy to see in ANY of your material. I know you feel like a face in the crowd. I know you miss the limelight. You have a future as a model. Just some light polish and direction and I know you you can melt hearts as you have done to me. 
I wish you nothing but the excellence the world deserves to give you.
I hope I brought you some justice to the a-holes that ridiculed you. 
Granted I am just an outsider making educated determinations from photos. 
Would love to get your side of it, to hammer home the final coffin nail of truth.

Please contact me.

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Antonio said...

No way. Sorry dude those are not the same person.

Furthermore, Annie was a stuffer. People who saw it said her chest didn't move like real flesh - more like a rubber mound. Also, one guy claims he saw some kind of stuffing start to slip out once and saw her stuff it back in. Her is a picture of her without the stuffing:

me said...


As a general rule of thumb, you take 100 people in a room with nothing to do. You enter a neon pink painted massive draft horse into the room, do circles a couple times and leave. It would amaze you the reporting of what people saw. Jesus, aliens, etc... So in other words unless you have physically been there, you just don't know.

I have altered the post with some findings that you may want to read.

As far as your proof that may be her sister or simply a shot after reduction.

A Monty Python quote comes to mind....
P2: Well, she turned me into a newt!
V: A newt?!
(P2 pause & look around)
P2: I got better.
P3: Burn her anyway! (burn her burn her burn!)