Friday, October 7, 2016

Sarah Rae's 36J Bra

Wow this is NOT a bra but art. I seen Sarah had this listed in her store and instantly jumped on it. I now see why the Ewa Michalak S Kamea cost the money they do as the quality is exquisite. Hand made, padded inserts (but as to why you need that when you a J is beyond me lol). This indeed is a trophy bra. Is a shame you have to order half way around the globe to get one. I swear as God is my witness I will be manufacturing bras as soon as possible and will tailor to the busty of ALL types. I think it is a shame what they charge women for these, as a few are $140 and more for customs. Once again thank you Sarah as your understanding and cuteness shine through. I hope in the near future we can do a full post.

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